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A pile of scrap wood Scrap metal heap

Ensure that your waste is properly disposed of and doesn't end up rotting away in a landfill for years to come with the thorough recycling services of Hoff Disposal & Demolition.

Your life is full of responsibilities - if you just don't have the time to recycle, call in our friendly collectors and we will do it for you!

Eliminate waste without blowing your budget.

Protect the environment by recycling

• Wood

• All kinds of metal

• Asphalt shingles

• Asphalt

Keep the beauty of our world untarnished by setting up regular recycling

services today.

Benefit from 10 years of tried and true service.


Preserve the earth for future generations

Eliminate extra hassle

Feel good about your disposal:

Every load makes a difference

• Concrete

• Bricks

• Cardboard

• Tires and more